Friday, September 26, 2008

A 'Spirited' Trailer

That was the lamest pun I've made in a long time, wasn't it? Yet here I am, typing happily away while I leave the title of this post intact because as tacky as it is, I find it to be extremely accurate of the new trailer for Frank Miller's The Spirit due for a December 2008 release. While only a trailer, I am feeling a great deal of anticipation for what looks like a mark in the plus column for Hollywood, complete with sultry femme fatales, great fight scenes, fantastic one liners and ample superhero wonderment and p'nash with just enough of a Noir feel mixed in to keep it from being just another comic book movie.

If nothing else, the new trailer speaks volumes more than the first, which appeared to be little more than a cheap Sin City knockoff. Many would hail such a knockoff, but for a fan of originality, it was just another reason to grind my teeth at night. Compound fears of it being a knockoff with a feeling less than ecstasy over Sin City and at first I was expecting very little from Spirit. That's right, cut my tongue out if you wish but I was not impressed with Sin City, it was simply too gruesome, melodramatic and quite frankly, strange.

Fortunately, Spirit appears to be its own movie, one that promises to be a great deal more fun than had been originally expected. Of course, the vibrant over the top bad ass of Samuel L. Jackson automatically marks the film as one that doesn't take itself completely seriously. Good guy, bad guy or anti-hero somewhere in between, Jackson inhabits a world all his own that will always inspire at least a little chuckle and certainly a very bright smile.

From the looks of it, Spirit will have little in the way of plot and less in the way of intelligent expositions and dialogue, but glitz, guns, incredible actors like Eva Mendez and the amount of fun a bonified comic genius like Frank Miller is bound to bring to the film mean that Hollywood can't always drive a good idea into the ground.

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