Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First Class-Resuscitating the X-Men

Stop looking at me like that, its not my fault half the interesting movie news is based in the superhero genre! Regardless, according to Cinematical, 20th Century Fox has hired a writer and producer for X-Men: First Class. Based on a Marvel Comics series of the same name, First Class tells an alternate origins story for everyone's favorite misunderstood mutants in their teenage years. The exact nature of the movie is up for grabs but it seems likely to focus mostly on the teenage members introduced in the last three films like Kitty Pride, Jubilee, Colossus and perhaps a few others.

First Class seems like a logical step to take after the absolute disaster that need not be mentioned by name here. After Brent Ratner single-handedly drove one of the very best superhero franchises out there into the ground, a simple sequel just wouldn't cut it. While a great deal can go wrong, the only real way to make a run at reviving the X-Men would be to get down to basics, something of an origin story where we can get reacquainted with characters who'd been buried in flashy stupidity. If someone with a serious artistic mind takes a look, there are still many, many wonderful and deep characters with all kinds of fulfilling stories ripe for the filming in the annals of X-Men history. If and ONLY if the right director is chosen, my faith in Hollywood will get a serious boost should the X-Men get the redemption they so rightly deserve.

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