Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wonder Woman: Beyonce?

For whatever its worth, I'm not feeling vitriolic right now, but still, I'm having a hard time seeing Beyonce Knowles as Wonder Woman. To be fair, I don't often read DC Comics let alone the Amazon Warrior herself, but as an avowed comic book geek I do nevertheless know a thing or two about Diana and I see little to none of her in the pop legend. This analysis is not to be confused with racism, I have no aversion to Wonder Woman being any skin color, I simply cannot fathom Beyonce strapping on the whip and gauntlets. What it boils down to is while I admittedly am not a Beyonce fan or follower, she seems far too bubbly and friendly to be Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman needs to be stoic, a woman who not only inhabits but in fact thrives and dominates in a man's world, standing side by side with the likes of Batman and Superman and coming across as an equal. I simply don't see Beyonce pulling such a feet off, beautiful as Diana is she is far more than a pretty face, she is in fact the truest amazon warrior, full of power and warrior spirit that just happens to be female and sexual, not as a deliberate and core part of her personality but in fact something she must fight against. Beyonce has embraced her femininity and beauty, something that if anything Wonder Woman tries to shy away from, he clothing notwithstanding.

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